Benefits of LEDs

What are LEDs?
LED stands for light-emitting diode. LEDs are small light sources that become illuminated by the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material. 
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What are the Benefits of LEDs?

Efficiency & Longevity
Our LED products consume up to 85+% less power than conventional light sources and are rated at 50,000 hours at 90% light output.  Lower energy consumption and a longer life-span mean significant savings in electricity bills, bulb replacement and operating costs.

Our LED products are extremely durable. They are built with sturdy components and do not contain fragile elements such as filaments or glass.   In addition, there are no moving parts which can fail (i.e. fans, etc.).  Our products will last 7-15+ years (depending on daily use).

Our LED products produce the equivalent lumens (brightness) of traditional fluorescent and/or HID lighting.
Light Color
Our LED products produce a color that is equal to traditional fluorescent and/or HID light bulbs. Also, LED lights do not emit harmful infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

Instant On
Our LED products will start at full brightness, instantly, every time.  Rapid cycling capability – our LED product lifetimes are not affected by frequent switching on and off. 

LEDs are made of recyclable components and do not contain mercury or any other toxic or hazardous materials. The long life-span means that one of our LED products t can save dozens of fluorescent and/or HID lights bulbs.

Safety / Heat
LEDs convert energy to light instead of heat. As a result, they produce up to 90% less heat than incandescent traditional fluorescent and/or HID light bulbs.  LEDs run cool to the touch, significantly reducing the risk of fires or burns.  In addition, lower heat generated translates into lower HVAC costs.

In summary:
Our LED products can significantly reduce your energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gasses and other pollutants, save you labor costs, reduce cooling costs and improve productivity. All of this with a great financial Return on Investment (ROI).

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