T12 Phase Out
As of July 1, 2010, a U.S. Department of Energy mandate states that the magnetic ballasts used in many T12 fixtures will no longer be produced for commercial and industrial applications.  

Most T12s have been phased out of production beginning July 2012. 

Now is the time to replace or retrofit your T12 fixtures and bulbs with our LED retrofit kit products!

About The Phase-Out
• Responding to federal regulations on the energy efficiency of fluorescent lamp ballasts,             manufacturers began phasing out production of nearly 70% of all T12 fluorescent lamps sold   
          in the United States beginning July 2012.

• Businesses and commercial facilities that currently use certain T12 systems can expect the cost  of remaining T12 products in the marketplace to increase, as lighting manufacturers turn their  attention to producing more energy-efficient products.

Which T12 Lamps Are Affected?
• T12 4-foot and T12 U-bend lamps with medium bi-pin bases
• All 40W and 34W T12 lamps except those with efficacy of 89 lumens per watt or greater
• All 40W U-bend and 34W T12 lamps except those with efficacy of 84 lumens per watt or greater
• T12 8-foot slimline with single pin bases
• All 75W T12 lamps
• All 60W T12 lamps
• T12 8-foot HO with RDC bases
• All 110W T12 HO lamps
• All 95W T12/ES/HO lamps

Upgrade and Save!
LED, Ltd. offers T12 replacement LED retrofit kits.  See our product page for more information on our refrigerator and ceiling inlay LED retrofit kit products.

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